Firm Profile

BSG Development, LLC is made up of the three principal members Margaret E. Bowen, Sam S. Guest and Scott J. Smith.

BSG Development, LLC has been formed by development veterans Margaret E. Bowen, a long-time state government manager, and Sam S. Guest, a metro Atlanta real estate developer. Joining together with Scott J. Smith, a metro Atlanta Facilities Manager and Business Owner, the power team provides a full-service development company dedicated to meeting the particular real estate needs of the public sector.

The Partners provide the public sector with the most experienced development, but are not limited to, in Georgia. Together the BSG Team has developed more than 1.4 million square feet in new construction facilities for state, county, municipalities and non-governmental agencies throughout the state of Georgia for over 16 years. These new construction facilities include but are not limited to 19 Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) buildings, four Human Services Centers, two state agency headquarters, two Board of Health headquarters, as well as several health facilities.

The BSG Team builds relationships with skilled individuals in a particular trade or profession, and then coordinates with those individuals to form a team functioning as one. The Team also uses local businesses/sub-contractors in the area of the development.